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The mission of Thriving Church Consulting can happen anywhere. I would be glad to customize a process of consultation, conferencing, or coaching that is cost effective and mission sensitive.

Many clients really do require on-site consultation, conferencing, or coaching. Face-to-face conversation, in the real experience of your church or community life, is often essential to effective learning and planning. The cost of travel and accommodation is worth the extra sensitivity to cultural, denominational, or demographic differences. Recommendations and future development will be much more relevant.
Many clients require the flexibility or objectivity of meeting with me in alternative surroundings. They may choose to come to me in the Toronto area; or arrange to meet at a retreat center, seminary, or other site. This allows clients to combine our work together with a larger plan for continuing education or family vacation. They can control their own costs, and escape the distractions of their daily work.
Many clients only require long-distance conversation, coupled with images and information shared through the internet. Webinars, internet conferencing, email forums, and other strategies can be arranged for a few hours or extended over several months. These covenants are customized to fit my schedule and yours, and may involve an individual, staff, or small group.
“Adaptability” is the cornerstone of my approach to consulting, conferencing, and coaching. Share your issues and goals, and together we can find the best way to help you.

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