Conferences can be arranged for any topic related to church or organizational growth. Conferences are usually designed with a combination of presentation, large and small group dialogue, prayerful reflection, and practical implementation. Topical areas include:

Systemic Change: 
Understanding congregational life systems; the flow of discipleship; demographic change and the nature of your mission field; and how to manage stress and overcome control;

Foundational Issues:
Congregational or organizational identity and purpose; staff development and volunteer empowerment; organizational effectiveness and accountability;

Functional Issues:
How effective churches change lives (worship), grow Christians (education), call ministers (mentoring), equip disciples (training), and deploy servants (outreach);

Formal Issues:
Location, facility, and technology; stewardship, fund raising, and debt management; information sharing, marketing, and advertising;

Conferences can be organized for an evening, day, weekend, or week. They can combine on-site and personal interaction with long-distance telephone, skype, or webinar interaction.

Conferences are always developed with sensitivity to your theological traditions, past experiences of the Holy Spirit, Biblical self-understanding, and cultural context. A printed workbook and other learning tools will be customized for distribution among participants.

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