"Coaching with Tom Bandy has transformed my church through four words -- “you’re on the right track” -- when I was about ready to give up, give in or give out. Having Tom as a coach got me through this huge transformation with my faith, my church, my ministry and my family intact!"

Coaching and mentoring helps you grow as a Christian leader in traditional churches, innovative faith communities, and faith-based non-profits.
  • 6 month renewable convenants
  • Regular Skype conversations
  • International reach
  • Spiritual depth
  • Demographic sensitivity

Coaching is easy wherever you are in the world.

Clients have been located in all regions of the United States and Canada, and in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
All coaching and mentoring is in English.

Additional questions and inquiries are welcome. 
You can reach me at


Covenants can be customized for individual churches. A copy of our covenant will be sent to you as email attachment. Focus your coaching goals or mentoring hopes, and returned the signed covenant to me at

Our commitment is to participate in a 60-90 minute Skype conversation, once a month, at a day and time convenient for both of us. Hopefully we can make this a regular date, but it will need to be flexible for your busy schedule and my travel commitments. In between Skype calls, we can share unlimited email. Conversations may be with an individual church leader, or with a leadership team. is a free conferencing service. It uses our computers much like a telephone. It allows me to share documents and images from my screen to your monitor. In order to use it effectively you must have a quality headset and computer monitor. (External portable speakers, multi-directional table microphone, and external large monitor are needed for team coaching)

Our covenant will be renewed in 6-month blocks of time, allowing each party to renegotiate as circumstances change.

 My commitments:

  • Pray regularly for you and your community of faith;
  • Focus on your unique personality, calling, and context;
  • Help you focus personal learning and performance goals and hold you accountable for completion;
  • Explore issues of spirituality, personal mission, and professional direction;
  • Maintain a log of our conversations, highlighting breakthroughs and challenges;
  • Help you in reflection, planning, and problem solving.

 Your commitments:

  • Pray regularly for the church universal and your emerging leaders;
  • Focus personal growth and learning goals;
  • Complete any  “homework” in between sessions and forward via email;
  • Prepare to express yourself as honestly and clearly as possible;
  • Maintain a log of our journal of growth and learning between sessions;
  • Read the two books described below;

  It takes several sessions to build mutual understanding and trust. I request that you read the following books that are all available through

Christian Mentoring:
Helping Each Other Find Meaning and Purpose

GPS: Global Positioning for the Soul

Spirited Leadership:
Empowering People to Do What Matters

These will introduce you to my way of thinking and the basic principles I apply to mentoring and coaching.
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