The goal of coaching is to help church leaders hold themselves accountable to mission alignment, high integrity, upgraded competencies, and teamwork. I help individual leaders maintain and deepen leadership credibility. I also help leadership teams focus priorities, develop creative strategies, test faithfulness, and manage stress.

Coaching is a combination of long-distance Skype conversation and email communication. We also have options (as opportunities arise and needs are identified) to add face-to-face conversations, on-site seminars, on-line seminars, and exclusive access internet forums. These options are additional to the basic covenant and will be negotiated as needed.

Coaching covenants are shaped in blocks of 6 months at a time, and then jointly evaluated. You can obtain the complete Coaching Covenant here. Our commitment is to participate in a 1-hour Skype conversation, once a month, at a day and time convenient for both of us. Hopefully we can make this a regular date, but it will need to be flexible for your busy schedule and my travel commitments. Conversations may be with an individual church leader, or with a leadership team.

My commitments:

  • Be available to receive your skype call at the scheduled day and time;

  • Focus on your unique personality, calling, and context;

  • Help you focus personal learning and performance goals and hold you accountable for completion;

  • Explore issues of alignment, integrity, competency, and teamwork in the course of our coaching relationship;

  • Maintain a log of our conversations, highlighting breakthroughs and challenges;

  • Help you in reflection, planning, and problem solving.

Your commitments:

  • Initiate the Skype call at the scheduled day and time (my Skype address is “TGBandy”).

  • Focus personal growth and learning goals;

  • Complete “homework” in between sessions and forward via email;

  • Maintain a log of our journal of growth and learning between sessions;

  • Read the two books described below;

  • Honor the fee of $250/hr and $1500/6 mo. Covenant.

It takes several sessions to build mutual understanding and trust. I request that you read the following two books: Why Should I Believe You (Abingdon Press) and Spirited Leadership (Chalice Press). They will introduce you to my way of thinking and the basic principles I apply to leadership coaching. Other resources may be recommended over the course of coaching.

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